Ice of The Month!

Ice of The Month!

     Here at The Ice Freezer, we love to promote the coolest Ice products of the month. For the month of May, we are featuring a new favorite called the Kettle Ice Ball Maker. It's a fan favorite and rated high in the ice market this season. This product is a summer favorite You Don't Want To Miss Out!

   This Kettle Ice Ball Maker blew up on TikTok a Year ago and was SOLD OUT! As a result, nobody was able to purchase it. As of May 2022, The Kettle Ice Ball Makers are back in stock and people are raving about them. Individuals like you that missed out on these Ice Balls can buy them even at a cheaper price than before! thousands are being sold with these huge discounts, go read the reviews at You won't Be Disappointed. 

   If you wanted more information about the Kettle Ice Ball Maker Read Down Below!

  This Ice kettle mold is easy to use! Simply screw the top off of the bottle, fill it with water or your favorite beverage, and place it in the freezer. After about 6 hours, open up the mold and release your ice spheres into your drink. It is a great way to make fancy mixed beverages, iced coffee, or chilled tea. The round ice melts slower than traditional ice cubes resulting in less watered-down drinks. This Ice Kettle is a great addition to any household because it is so versatile. Use it with your friends at parties or to keep your drink cold on a hot day. The ice is also great for use in an ice pack to relieve muscle soreness or to cool down after a workout.

At the Ice Freezer we also hold smaller kettles now that's even easier to use and carry around for on the go!

If you want you own simply go to our website and check us out ! it doesn't hurt to look! Also The kettle Ice Ball Maker is 50% OFF + Free Shipping!

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