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Kettle Ice Ball Maker

Kettle Ice Ball Maker

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The Most Unique Way To Use Ice!
Fill a cup with ice balls from the IcePop to make any drink even more refreshing! The Kettle Ice Ball maker makes creating ice balls so much more convenient and hassle-free.
Our premium Kettle Ice doubles as an ice maker and a jug that can keep you hydrated throughout the day. Even better, the Kettle Ice creates perfectly round ice balls, making it perfect for juices, cocktails, sodas, and more! 
Why The Ice Ball Maker is for you!
Key Benefits
Convenient Design - This Kettle Ice Ball Maker is conveniently shaped just like a jug so that you can fill it up with water with ease. It can even create up to a dozen ice balls per batch!
Dual Function - Apart from creating ice balls, the Ice Kettle can be used as your everyday outdoor jug. This way, you can stay hydrated throughout the day and create ice balls while you're at home.
Large Capacity - Despite it's collapsible design, the Kettle Ice ball maker is capable of molding up to 12 ice balls at the same time. Simply collapse the kettle, fill it up with water, pop it in the freezer, and serve the ice balls whenever you want.
Durable Materials - Made with sturdy materials, the Kettle is highly resistant to freezing cold temperatures. It will not leak or crack no matter how many times you use it throughout the week.
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Jared~ I Love It ! keeps my drink colder

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